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Hemp-Infused Coffee Repairs Free Radical Damage
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So, if you're going to drink coffee…

Why not drink coffee that puts out your body’s inflammatory wildfire?

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Our biochemists infused 2000mg of Hemp-derived CBD into our delicious Medium Roast, handcrafted coffee beans.

Why Hemp?

Well, your immune system is full of Cannabinoids receptors.

CBD is an Antioxidant-Cannabinoid that attaches directly to the receptors in your immune system… helping to rapidly regulate immune response.

This gives PAXIMUNE even more help in resetting your immune system’s overreaction to airborne microbes and pathogens.

At the same time…

Our Hemp-Infused coffee squelches the free radicals mutating your healthy cells.

Chock full of anti-inflammatory Omega 3's

Decreases Anxiety, Strees & Panic Attacks

Helps cells let essential nutrients inside

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